Advanced Processing

Choose RocketGate’s responsive technology to avoid loss from datacenter outages.

Many processors use a single datacenter with a “disaster recovery” model for so-called high availability.  In this model, if one datacenter fails, then technicians are alerted who then try to address the problems with this datacenter.  If they are unable to do so expediently, they begin the process of bringing their “disaster recovery” datacenter online. Outages, even partial outages, are obviously very costly. 

A 2011 research study called “Calculating the Cost of Data Center Outages” by the independent Ponemon Institute indicates that the costs range from a low of $38,969 to a high of $1,017,746 with an overall average cost of $505,502 per incident (with an “average” datacenter outage of 134 minutes, the cost is more than $11,000 per minute).  These costs factor in lost business, destruction of mission critical data, impact of downtime on organizational productivity, cost to remediate systems and core business processes, legal and regulatory impact, lost confidence and trust among key customers, not to mention brand and reputation damage. 

In stark contrast, RocketGate’s fault-tolerant architecture uses multiple active/active datacenters, with load balancing and auto-cascading across the datacenters with no single point of failure.  Harness the power of this technology for your business. RocketGate offers the following transaction processing options that leverage its multi-datacenter architecture:  

  1. Gateway API
  2. Hosted Form
  3. Hosted Page
  4. VPOS
  5. Shopping Cart

Fault-Tolerant Architecture

Use of multiple active-active, geographically-diverse datacenters with load balancing and auto-cascading means you don't lose transactions, ever.


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RocketGate offers many processing options, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.


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