Hosted Page

Engineered for merchants who want the easiest integration or who do not want to host an SSL (secure sockets layer) site. In the Hosted Page solution, you link to a purchase page (hosted by RocketGate) where RocketGate securely collects credit card data on your behalf so you don’t have to store, transmit or process the credit card data. You control the look and feel of this page via the use of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).  

Compare the Hosted Page vs Hosted Form

See the lifecycle of a Hosted Page Transaction.

Features and Benefits:


A few examples of load balancing scenarios:

  1. load balance and cascade across 2 accounts - 50% to account #1 and 50% to account #2 
  2. 100% to a single account with a 2nd account in back up position only
  3. balance across 3 accounts:  Maestro/Solo to account #1, Visa/Mastercard to account #2, JCB to account #3, EURO to account #3


Tokenized Payment Processing

This can be used whether you are connected to RocketGate via Gateway or Hosted Page or Hosted Form methods. RocketGate returns a unique token after the initial transaction that allows you to process subsequent transactions without storing credit card data.  This is useful if you who want to manage your own recurring billing without storing credit card data. See the lifecycle of a Gateway Tokenized Transaction and the lifecycle of a Hosted Page Tokenized Transaction.

Configurable Branding

Merchant can statically control the branding of web pages on a per-website basis.


Simple Per-Transaction Pricing

RocketGate does not charge percentage-based fees - just a simple per transaction fee.


RocketGate's Hosted Page solution is the easiest integration.