Multiple Currencies

RocketGate’s high-performance gateway supports more than 60 different currencies, so you can efficiently expand your business by selling to international customers . International customers can view and pay with their own currency – which reduces credit requests and chargebacks. You have the added convenience of settlement and reporting in your local currency. RocketGate supports multiple US-based and offshore banks.  Features include:


Multi-Currency Solution Real Time Currency Conversion
Offshore bank support in multiple regions of the world including Europe, Latin American and the Caribbean Save $ and time with real time currency conversion – Example: Run a transaction in EUR but have it settle in US$
Support for all widely used currencies Support for all widely used currencies
Example:  EUR -> USD No wire fees from foreign banks
Example:  GBP -> USD No foreign corporation setup required


Here is a list of the currencies we currently process.  Please note that we can easily add new currencies by request:

Argentinean Peso ARS

Australian Dollar AUD

Bahamian Dollar BSD

Bermuda Dollar BMD

Brazilian Real BRL

Canadian Dollar CAD

Chilean Peso CLP

Chinese Yuan CNY

Columbian Peso COP

Costa Rican Colon CRC

Czech Koruna CZK

Danish Krone DKK

East Caribbean Dollar XCD

Euro EUR

Great British Pound GBP

Guatemalan Quetzal GTQ

Hong Kong Dollar HKD

Hungarian Forint HUF

Iceland Kronu INR

Indian Rupee INR

Indonesian Rupiah IDR

Israeli Shekel ILS

Japanese Yen JPY

Latvian Lats LVL

Macau Pataca MOP

Malaysian Ringgit MYR

Maldives Rufiyaa MVR

Maltese Lira MTL

Mexican Peso MXN

New Zealand Dollar NZD

Norwegian Krone NOK

Peruvian Nuevo Soles PEN

Philippine Peso PHP

Polish Zloty PLN

Russian Ruble RUR

Saudi Riyal SAR

Singapore Dollar SGD

Slovak Koruna SKK

South African Rand ZAR

South Korean Wan KRW

Sri Lanka Rupee LKR

Swedish Krona SEK

Swiss Franc CHF

Taiwan Dollar TWD

Thai Baht THB

Trinidad & Tobago Dollar TTD

Turkish Lira TRY

United Arab Dirham AED

US Dollar USD 

Venezuelan Bolivar VEB


Real Time Currency Conversion

Save  time and money with real time currency conversion - no wire fees!


Supports Many Currencies

RocketGate supports all widely used currencies and can easily add more if needed.


Expand your business worldwide with RocketGate's multi-currency support.