Risk Management

RocketGate's sophisticated risk prevention algorithms precisely and effectively lower your chargeback ratios while increasing your revenues. Put RocketGate's multi-level, intelligent, proprietary risk prevention software to work for your business. Risk reporting recognizes fraud patterns with built-in affiliate, customer and transaction risk tools and reports, identifying leading indicators of fraud before fraudulent transactions turn into chargebacks.

Rocketgate’s tools can also be used to identify real-time risks, cross-reference multiple data-rich blacklists, deny re-entry and proactively refund high-risk transactions in an effort to eradicate chargebacks. Start using RocketGate’s tools and intelligent technology today to improve your bottom line tomorrow.  

Increase Profits

RocketGate's sophisticated risk prevention algorithms lower chargebacks and increase revenue.


Intelligent Risk Tools

RocketGate's intelligent tools include real-time risk analysis, black/whitelists cross referencing and more.


RocketGate's intelligent risk algorithms improve your bottom line.