Merchant Support Tools

Manage customer accounts with RocketGate’s full suite of merchant support tools including tools for transaction lookups, subscription/recurring membership information updates and refunds, both full and partial. You have the ability to respond to retrieval requests and chargebacks quickly and easily.  RocketGate’s Customer Support Tool Suite features:


Customer Retention

For merchants with subscription-based business models, customer retention is a key indicator of performance. Even a seemingly small increase in customer retention will significantly improve the bottom line over the long run.  RocketGate provides many sophisticated tools that help merchants make well-informed business decisions regarding customer retention.  In addition, RocketGate’s sophisticated fault-tolerant gateway helps maximize customer retention.


Customizable Retry Payment Failures to Increase ACLV

With the cost of customer acquisition on the rise, customer retention is all the more important.  RocketGate’s intelligent gateway helps increase the Average Customer Lifetime Value (ACLV) in a variety of ways including automatic retries of “soft” credit card declines (such as “card over limit”) ensuring that you don’t lose a good customer. In addition, RocketGate’s Gateway API has full support for programmatically updating customer billing information.


Managing Retrievals and Chargebacks

Chargeback management is one of many important ways that RocketGate’s merchants minimize current and future risk and increase profits at the same time. RocketGate receives direct data feeds of chargebacks and retrieval requests from selected partner banks, enabling you to make business decisions with the most up-to-date information. Based on this information, RocketGate can immediately take steps on your behalf such as canceling the customer that is charging back and preventing him or her from making any future purchases.  RocketGate’s Chargeback Queue tool allows single or multiple merchant representatives to process a pool of chargeback data and auto-populates fields in required financial paperwork with customer and transaction data for processing or contesting chargebacks with ease and efficiency. In addition, RocketGate offers automated reports that display chargeback data in a statistically meaningful way, making trends easy to see. 

Full Suite of Tools

Customer support tools include transaction lookups, recurring billing info, refunds and many more.


Manage Chargebacks

RocketGate receives direct data feeds of chargeback and retrieval data from many banks.


Increase the average customer lifetime value by retrying "soft" declines with customizable, automated retries.