RocketGate’s sophisticated and easy to use APIs (application programming interface) in multiple languages (PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, .NET etc) enable sample code-to-processing in minutes.  See the Lifecycle of a Gateway Transactions.

Features include:


A few examples of load balancing, routing and cascading scenarios:

  1. load balance and cascade across 2 accounts - 50% to account #1 and 50% to account #2
  2. 100% to a single account with a cascade to a 2nd account
  3. route to 3 accounts:  Maestro/Solo to account #1, Visa/Mastercard to account #2, JCB to account #3, EURO to account #3
  4. Site based load balancing for merchants with multiple websites


Tokenized Payment Processing

This can be used whether you are connected to RocketGate via Gateway or Hosted Page or Hosted Form methods. RocketGate returns a unique token after the initial transaction that allows you to process subsequent transactions, such as recurring billing or repeat purchases, without storing credit card data. This feature is supported by both our Gateway and Hosted Page solutions. See the lifecycle of Gateway Tokenized Transactions and the lifecycle of Hosted Page Tokenized Transactions.

Use Multiple Merchant Accounts

Sophisticated and highly configurable load balancing and cascading across multiple banks, merchant accounts, platforms, processors, card issuers, currencies, websites and more.


Multiple Currency Support

Support for more than 60 different currencies, so you can expand your business worldwide.  Supports multiple US-based and offshore banks. 


Easy to use APIs have you up and running transactions in minutes.