Automated Chargeback Processing

Protect your business with RocketGate’s automated chargeback processing service. When a chargeback, retrieval or reversal is received (via a daily digital feed),RocketGate will automatically mark the transaction as a chargeback, cancel a subscription (if applicable), block the customer from making future purchases, add the credit card number to a negative database and then send the data to the merchant via postback.

The tool suite also includes a Chargeback Queue tool that lists retrieval and chargeback data for review with built-in workflow management. In addition, RocketGate’s sophisticated reporting helps to identify fraudulent activity from affiliates, consumers and issuing banks before chargebacks occur.  This proactive approach improves your bottom line. Retrieval requests and chargebacks can be responded to efficiently and easily in order to get reversals as quickly as possible.

Protect Your Business

Daily feeds of chargeback and retrieval info lower your exposure to additional chargebacks from the same customer.


Chargeback Queue

Chargeback data is combined with sophisticated reporting to identify fraudulent activity before chargebacks occur.


RocketGate's proactive approach improves your bottom line.